Donate to the cats

We simply cannot keep Bay Cat Rescue going without public support!

For every cat we rescue, we spend £200+ on vet treament, not including extra costs for illness or injury!

Standard veterinary care:

  • vet check up approx £30

  • female cat spay costs approx. £60

  • male castration costs approx £40

  • cat treated for fleas and worms £10

  • course of vaccinations approx £60

  • microchip approx £10

For our fostering scheme:

  • each bag of cat litter £5

  • feed a homeless cat for a week £4

Special treatment cats:

  • diabetic veterinary diet £15

  • treatment for diarrhea £9

  • conjuntivitus eye cream £7

  • pain relief £9

  • baby cat milk for orphaned
    or abandoned kittens £9




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